Frequently asked questions

How can I use the sound effects I purchase?

You can use them any way you like: for commercial productions, student projects, add them to your ipod playlist and just listen to them while you stare at a wall.... But seriously, all purchased sound effects are meant to be used in any creative way you like, whether it be commercial or otherwise. You can use them for video game projects, film and video projects, music projects, audio book projects, powerpoint projects, audio enhanced d&d campaigns, whatever you like! remix them, edit them, pitch them, reverse them, time-compress them, mix them into new sound designs. WHATEVER YOU LIKE! ... just don't turn around and simply re-sell them.

How are the sounds made?

Good Question! It really depends on the sound... Creature sounds are made by combining various animal sounds; pitching them, and puting them through different filters. Computer, robotic, mechanical, gadget sounds start by collecting recordings of various mechanical and electronic things, then altering them, and combining them with synth sounds. Ambient Environments start by collecting various recordings of, well, ambient environments. Then the fictional ones are created by adding filter effects or combining other recorded sounds. Foley sounds, are performed sounds recorded in the studio. These can include certain types of actions, i.e. walking, stumbling, handling objects, and other body movements. Sometimes these sounds can even be combined to create unique new sounds. That's basically it, in a nutshell!

If I'm not happy with the sounds can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. All sales are final. If your downloads somehow get corrupted and there's now way for us to get you get you the files you purchased, a case can be made for a refund. But every attempt to get you copies of the uncorrupted files will be made first, along with a thorough investigation of the issue. For more on this topic please see our Terms & Conditions

I love making sounds too, can I be a contributor?

Excellent question! At the moment, the answer is no. SOUNDCRAFT SFX, is still a very very young company, but our dream is to grow, and in time, is to collaborate with and feature guest artist sound effects packs! If this is somehting you'd be interested in, send us an email. When the time is right, we will be sure to reach out!